Diane Seddon LRPS – Google+

Diane Seddon LRPS – Google+.

OK, so I hate Facebook, but now I’ve been invited to join Google’s latest offering, Google+. Already I’m finding people I know, and so far it’s much nicer to use I feel than FB.  We’ll give it a run for its money – and if anyone out there wants an invite then just let me know.

I’m back off holiday now, and already back in the swing of things.  Shooting dogs tomorrow – and another wedding on Thursday – in association with Shared Earth Photography.

Maybe, just maybe, I’ll have the day off on Friday…

Life Through a Lens

On Tuesday – June 7th – this article appeared in the Independent Newspaper

Life Through a Lens  I read the whole thing through twice, and came the conclusion that I agree with everything said.

I have a dislike of social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter – though I can see some uses for them.  I  do however, find the need of people to tell us where they are every few hours irritating.  Not only though do they tell us, but they back it up with pictures taken on their phones.  It seems to tie in with the need to have ‘friends’ ..  or ‘followers’ – and if you take out the business element (and I can see some use here) what are you left with?

I know things like Facebook are a great way to keep in touch with people you don’t see often, but why do people feel the need to leave a message for someone they are likely to see in the next few hours.

Never mind – I’m off for lunch now !  Shall I post a photo ?  🙂