Cast Your Bread Upon the Waters……….

“And after many days, it will come back buttered” – This is a quote from Louisa May Alcott – author of Little Women….

My father used to quote this to me all the time, and to be honest I didn’t always get what he was saying.  As I’ve got older though, I’ve come to appreciate that it’s true…

For the last two months, and for one more (at least) – I said that I would give away 5 prints of anything on my website, to which the public have access, to the first five people that ask for them.

The motivation behind this was from a book I’d read, called ‘The Gift’,  and it talked about the art of giving.  I’d hesitated for quite a long time before I went ahead and made this offer – partly because I wasn’t sure that anyone would actually WANT anything (or that it could be seen as arrogance), and partly because I was afraid that they wouldn’t…. I wasn’t sure which was the worst….

So, for better, or for worse – I made the offer.  What really astounded me was the number of requests – and not just the requests, but the responses afterwards.

The images have been sent entirely to people I have had some contact with – people from camera clubs as far afield as the North West, and others (including individuals), more locally in Derbyshire, Leeds and Lincolnshire.  There has been no contact at all from complete strangers which is interesting in itself.

It was fascinating to see what people picked to have, and more fascinating still that three people said they wanted a particular sort of image, but left me to choose which one of that set to send them.  One person said that if I picked my favourite, then he would know that when he hung it on the wall….

Another talked of being a little ‘down’, and how much receiving something nice in the post cheered them up – and yet another sent me a photo of the image already in a frame, hanging on the wall, within a couple of hours of delivery.

All this has left me feeling cheered too – there are good things happening all around us, which maybe we don’t take enough notice of.   It’s not just about the giving (though I have to say I have enjoyed it very much), it’s about the response to an unconditional gift.

I realise that this is not something for everyone, but honestly I can recommend that everyone should try this – at least once.

I will do the ‘give-away’ again at the start of June, and then see how it goes from there.

In conclusion I also want to say a massive THANK YOU to all the people who have requested images – to those who have sent such lovely messages back afterwards – and to those who have sent me pictures of the pictures…..

To those who asked for images who were not in the first 5 – you have one more chance…. at the start of June….

Get your fingers ready…..

Thank you………




It’s a Giveaway!!

I have, recently been reading a book called “The Gift”, by Lewis Hyde.  It’s an old publication (one bought for 1p from Amazon, but the postage was £2!)…   It’s about gift giving, and the arts.  Hyde promotes the art of ‘gift giving’, and the responses that can come from that gift.

I’ve also been reading, co-incidentally, another book called “Single Exposures”, and the author of this book refers to the first, and promotes the idea of giving away a number of prints, to both friends, and strangers alike, and to see what happens.

Now, I appreciate that this seems to fly in the face of the commercial world, but as I’m no longer officially working, and retirement has set in rather comfortably, I’m thinking that I will give this a shot – and see what happens.

So, for the next three months, I’m going to give away 5 prints to the first five people that ask for them.  I’ll get them printed up for you, and posted out if necessary.

All you have to do, is have a look round my website, and pick your image.  If I don’t know you personally, you will have to send me your address, but you can use the contact page on the website to send it to me, and note the image you have picked.  Each image has a number which appears in the top right hand corner as you scroll over.  Just tell me the gallery name, and the image you want.

The print will be no larger than A4 – and sometimes smaller, depending on the individual picture.  The watermark will not be shown.

I’ll turn it around as soon as possible, and it will wing its way to you.

There is nothing else you need to do, and there is no requirement for you to reciprocate if you don’t want to.

I would encourage other photographers to maybe join in, and lets try to set in motion a flurry of ‘real’ prints to spread around.

I don’t think we hang enough of our own work on the walls, but there seems to be a tendency to hang other people’s……

I look forward to hearing from you, and I’ll report back later as to how it’s going……  Fingers crossed.


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