Keep it Up – for SoccerAid – With Dan Magness

On Friday 11th May, Manchester United held a photocall on the Old Trafford pitch to celebrate a new World Record set by Dan Magness, who has walked from London to Manchester doing ‘keepy-uppys’ all the way, as part of ‘Keep it up for Soccer Aid’

Soccer Aid is a celebrity football match, held at Old Trafford (and broadcast live on ITV1) on May 27th, raising money for UNICEF’s vital work for children.

Manchester United is hosting Soccer Aid and is delighted to celebrate Dan’s amazing feat. The Manchester United Foundation has supported UNICEF for thirteen years now and the United for UNICEF partnership has raised more than £2 million to date helping over 2.2 million children.

Dan’s ‘Keep it Up for Soccer Aid’ challenge has encouraged the public to take up their own challenges and ended on the pitch in Old Trafford, home of Manchester United which will also host Soccer Aid on May 27th.

Dan’s finale also coincides with an announcement by the government (DFID) that they will match all funds raised from the public as part of Soccer Aid 2012.

Mr Magness started his 200 mile journey from Wembley Stadium on Tuesday 1st May completing the equivalent of almost a marathon a day with an estimated 400,000 steps and doing an estimated half million keepy uppys along the way.

Launched by Robbie Williams in 2010,  ‘Keep it Up for Soccer Aid’ calls on the UK public to keep something up and get sponsored to do so in the run up to Soccer Aid, ITV1’s celebrity football match at Old Trafford on  Sunday May 27th, which raises money for UNICEF’s life-saving work for children around the world.

Image Credits

From time to time, I’m asked for images, which are to be used for various purposes, such as a blog or calendar – typically these are not for profit, or charity organisations who want a nice image to use.  It usually is a short run of something, or an image for a website, which will be small – and then I’m offered a credit, or link back to my own gallery.  Sometimes I’ll do a trade for goods, or services – such as stationery, or being helped with my SEO (which I’m really bad at….)


















Sometimes though, I’m asked for images that are to be used by people who will be making money in large quantities, and still want the image for free… usually I won’t have any truck with them.

Lately though, I’ve been asked on more than one occasion for images that I have taken commercially, for commercial use.

A good number of requests come via Flickr – running on the lines of “we think your images are wonderful, and we’d really like to use one on our blog/website/newsletter etc…. however we have a low/zero budget, but we will be prepared to credit you on our site/newsletter whatever…..  ”  Sometimes they even tell me what the print run will be with the image being used, but they still don’t have a budget for it.

Can someone please explain why it is, that these people do have a budget for production, publicity, advertising, printing etc.. but none to get the images in the first place.  So here’s the deal…. it actually costs money to get these pictures.  I have to buy the kit, learn how to use it, buy the computer, the software, the car (to get me to the locations), the fuel to put in it – and all the time it takes me to produce the image at the end… and for what?  A credit, that will simply ‘drive’ traffic through to my website…..

When was the last time you picked up a greetings card or calendar, and was curious enough about the author to look them up on Google, or wherever, and view the rest of their images…???  Some photographers might, but the general public…. I’m not so sure about that.










So, the deal is that every time an image is given away for a credit, the market for the legitimate photographer shrinks.  More and more companies are asking for images for free, because to an extent now, they know they can get away with it.  If they can’t get them off me for free, they’ll turn elsewhere… and everytime they get an image it reinforces their mentality.  Image credits don’t put bread on the table on a Friday night.

After all, when was the last time you got diesel for you car, and said, “Hey, I can’t pay you right now, I don’t have a budget for fuel,  but if anyone asks, I’ll tell them I got it from this great garage in Stockport,  just think of all the extra trade you’ll get”….  see what I mean…????

The People’s Catwalk – Trafford Centre Manchester

Last week I received a last minute request to assist Liz Henson who was covering the Prince’s Trust “People’s Catwalk”, a charity event hosted at the Trafford centre, Manchester. ( ) She had been given the task of organising a team of photographers for each day over the weekend.

I was unable to help for the whole weekend – but the time I did spend amongst the other photographers and presenters was great.  It seems that it is hard to get photographers to turn out for free, but sometimes the event is more worthwhile than money.  The Christie Hospital is something close to my own heart, as is Cancer Research in general, so we looked beyond the financial recompense and went for the experience.

It was good to meet Jeff Banks, a thoroughly nice man, with a wicked sense of humour, who certainly made the event go with a swing.  A surprise appearance of Carolynne Pool – x-factor singer was an added bonus, she has a wonderful voice, and I hope she does well in the competition.

And here are some shots from Sunday………

Emmerdale to Eastenders Charity Cycle Ride

It was a huge pleasure to be able to shoot the start of the 24 hour cycle ride from the set of Emmerdale, to the set of Eastenders, by celebrity cyclists from the cast of Emmerdale.  They were joined by top cyclist Ben Swift, who currently rides for Team Sky.  The ride was all in aid of Macmillan Cancer Research, and looks set to raise record sums of money.

The full set of images can be found by clicking this link