Photo Talks

I do give talks to photography clubs, and elsewhere too, and am currently taking bookings for the following subjects:-

Odd Things

A general talk about camera creativity – thinking outside the box, and getting your images  noticed.

Ha Ha Said the Clown


A Monk's Meditation


Playing with Light

An interactive evening – which needs to be run either in the winter when it’s dark at your meeting time, or in a large room which can be blacked out in the summer.

Two of us will run a session using long exposures, to capture lights which are being ‘waved’ by members.  We have tools, toys, and a gadget called  ‘Spirojib’. It’s a bit like the spirograph toy, but instead of pens, we use lights.

We will also use small finger lights, and a pixelstick to create other effects.

The shoot can be completed indoors or out – Members should bring cameras able to complete exposures up to at least 30 seconds, and a solid tripod.  Remote release is useful.

Torches, or any toys that light up can be used.   We will supply the rest…..

If you would like me to tailor make a talk especially for your club / organisation, please contact me, and I’ll see what I can do.

Use the contact page either here on the blog, or on my website to get more information. Or follow the link below.



The Greenwich Meridian and Lincolnshire

This talk is now complete.   I have tracked the Meridian Line, as it progresses through Lincolnshire, and discovered the stories of the villages as I pass through.  It includes the work of John Harrison (Longitude) and and his clocks.