The Damselfly

I’ve been out a few times so far this summer, in an attempt to capture the damselfly, and dragonfly – so far, I’ve not shot the dragons, but I have managed to obtain some great shots of the Damsel. The Red, Emerald and the Common Blue.

Their life cycle is simple, lay eggs, hatch into a nymph, emerge as an adult, mate and lay more eggs.

Link here to U Tube Video showing the complete life cycle in under 2 minutes

I’ll be out hunting again in the next week or two I’m sure…..

Photography Thoughts….

I was reading the other day some quotes from famous photographers, which made me wonder about the process of photography, and what makes us take the images we actually take..  Robert Doisneau (a contemporary of Henri Cartier-Bresson) said

“If I knew how to take a good photograph, I’d do it every time”

And wouldn’t we all ?  Quote like these can spark good conversation, and make you think about what makes a ‘good’ photograph.  I think an image that makes you stop and look twice is essential – and I also like to see an image that you can’t see with your own eyes because it has happened so fast.  A dog shaking after a swim, or a swan bathing and spreading water droplets everywhere.

As Cartier-Bresson himeself said “Of course, it’s all luck”  …. and I’m sure to some extent it is…. right place, right time, winning image.