I’ve been reading lots about this camera over the last week or so, and mentally comparing it with my own camera of choice – the 1D MK4.  The 1DX has got lots going for it, 18mp CMOS sensor, 61 point  autofocus, 14 fps shooting, and full HD recording.

It’s designed to completely replace the 1DS MK3, and the 1D MK4 models.  It has three DIGIC processors which will deliver 17 times more processing speed than current models. It is a full frame camera with the Canon CMOS sensor, with improved noise control.  The high processing speeds allow the 1DX to perform other functions such as improved chromatic aberration correction for various L lens in the Canon range.

The 1DX has larger pixels too, to achieve better light gathering.  The wave motion sensor cleaning has been improved, and will remove even small specs of dust, and can in some cases even repel it.  The high ISO setting of 204,800 should allow shooting in extreme dark conditions.

It also features new intelligent tracking and face recognition – ideal for event and sports photography.

Interestingly, it seems that this camera will also feature multiple exposure capability, and will be able to combine up to nine individual images into a single composite without the need to put the images through computer software.

Instead of combining CF and SD card slots, the 1DX will carry two CF cards, so photographers only have to consider one make of card.

This camera is scheduled for release in March 2012, and the initial price is suggested at $6,800.

Would I get one?  In a heartbeat, is the answer, but the reality is that it might just have to wait a little while longer…..

Martial Arts Viral in Tatton Park

It seems that the world of madness has not departed…… earlier this week, we photographed stills from a movie that was filmed in the Japanese Garden at Tatton Park.  A part of the garden that is generally closed to the public – but was on Monday the scene of a frantic battle as the Ninja Warriors attempted to storm the Shaolin Temple.  The film – directed by Mike Le Han, and choreographed by Master Chen, was fully costumed and the martial artists were stunningly athletic. The day ended on rather a wet note, when one of the team was actually thrown into the lake purposefully whilst fighting on the bridge… thanks go to Mike Le Han, for all his hard work on the day.  It was a great shoot.

The rest of the images from the day can be found by clicking HERE

Yosemite Moonbows

Hunting around for something else, I stumbled upon this video on U-Tube about Moonbows.  They are like Rainbows, but only appear at night when there is a full moon shining.  There are few places where this can be seen, but Yosemite is one of them.  I spent some time there last year, but sadly didn’t know about Moonbows till I got back from the trip.

Steven Bumgardner is the video producer for Yosemite National Park and has spent the last two years Moonbow hunting and shot over 2000 images with his trusty Canon to catch the time lapse sequences you see here.

Watch the video and enjoy…