open city photography | Initiative | CityCo

open city photography | Initiative | CityCo.

I’m impressed by this.  After all the problems that photographers have had, taking photographs in the city centre, finally we have one city who want to make it the UK’s most welcoming and accessible photography destination.  It seems to have been going since 2010, but then I always was a bit behind the times.  LOL

Yosemite Moonbows

Hunting around for something else, I stumbled upon this video on U-Tube about Moonbows.  They are like Rainbows, but only appear at night when there is a full moon shining.  There are few places where this can be seen, but Yosemite is one of them.  I spent some time there last year, but sadly didn’t know about Moonbows till I got back from the trip.

Steven Bumgardner is the video producer for Yosemite National Park and has spent the last two years Moonbow hunting and shot over 2000 images with his trusty Canon to catch the time lapse sequences you see here.

Watch the video and enjoy…

Diane Seddon LRPS – Google+

Diane Seddon LRPS – Google+.

OK, so I hate Facebook, but now I’ve been invited to join Google’s latest offering, Google+. Already I’m finding people I know, and so far it’s much nicer to use I feel than FB.  We’ll give it a run for its money – and if anyone out there wants an invite then just let me know.

I’m back off holiday now, and already back in the swing of things.  Shooting dogs tomorrow – and another wedding on Thursday – in association with Shared Earth Photography.

Maybe, just maybe, I’ll have the day off on Friday…

What do you do when someone steals your content?

As the number of websites and blogs grow, so does the demand for content.  Images are especially vulnerable, and are taken on a regular basis from websites, galleries, and blogs. What can you do?

I wrote about this months ago, following theft of one of my images, only discovered by accident, after another person had formally requested use of it.  Only this week, I have discovered images being used in two other locations – one a small site administered by an individual – on behalf of a community association.  This ended well, with not only the offer of advertising on the site, but a fee was agreed and paid within 48 hours of the image being discovered.

The other was on a much larger corporate site – where the site owner happily admitted to taking the image, thinking that it was copyright to the local authority, therefore it didn’t matter that the image was stolen.  Even after I explained that the image was not being used by the Authority in question, the site owner prevaricated and stated that they had no budget for images, so they had to take them where they could.  At the moment, I am still waiting for either the image to be removed, or a fee to be paid.

This site is a great resource (and from where I got these free red and blue buttons) LORELLE ON WORDPRESS I can only emphasise that it’s not a matter of ‘if’ your content gets used, it’s a matter of ‘when’.  So have a read, and when you get content stolen, you’ll have a better idea of how to deal with it.

The question is – do you want your images or content help someone else earn money without your permission ?  Think about it ?

The Damselfly

I’ve been out a few times so far this summer, in an attempt to capture the damselfly, and dragonfly – so far, I’ve not shot the dragons, but I have managed to obtain some great shots of the Damsel. The Red, Emerald and the Common Blue.

Their life cycle is simple, lay eggs, hatch into a nymph, emerge as an adult, mate and lay more eggs.

Link here to U Tube Video showing the complete life cycle in under 2 minutes

I’ll be out hunting again in the next week or two I’m sure…..

Google and Photovine

Even though there are loads of photo sharing sites on the internet, it looks like there is always space for one more. Google, it seems, has applied for the trade name ‘Photovine’. This seems to imply that it’s going to expand beyond what it already does with Picassa. The application for Photovine is for “communication services, transmission of visual images and data”.

Google seems to have bought ‘’ – so is it getting ready to add photo storage to it’s already massive range of products? We’ll have to wait and see.

Life Through a Lens

On Tuesday – June 7th – this article appeared in the Independent Newspaper

Life Through a Lens  I read the whole thing through twice, and came the conclusion that I agree with everything said.

I have a dislike of social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter – though I can see some uses for them.  I  do however, find the need of people to tell us where they are every few hours irritating.  Not only though do they tell us, but they back it up with pictures taken on their phones.  It seems to tie in with the need to have ‘friends’ ..  or ‘followers’ – and if you take out the business element (and I can see some use here) what are you left with?

I know things like Facebook are a great way to keep in touch with people you don’t see often, but why do people feel the need to leave a message for someone they are likely to see in the next few hours.

Never mind – I’m off for lunch now !  Shall I post a photo ?  🙂

Portraits at 600

I went out with a group of photographers last week to the local park – just to shoot a bit of wildlife I thought – I knew there were nesting Great Crested Grebe, with chicks, and I also knew that I’d need a long lens… so armed with a 300mm lens, and a x2 extender, I set off – only to find that they had brought a  model with them – “Portraits with a 300….  hmmm”  not so sure… but hey I thought, I’ll just have to stand further away… so there I am, half way across a field, shouting instructions to the model… at one point I did a portrait at 600mm – and whilst I realise that the whole thing was a bit over the top, (I was using a tripod and yelling my head off)…… but then what a fabulous background.  Beautiful bokeh, soft and she’s absolutely spot on in focus.  Would I do it again?  Sure would – the results were by far better than I expected. You sometimes just can’t get that kind of softness with a shorter lens.

Oh and yes, the Grebe were there, with their chicks, but I’ll save those shots for another time.

Manchester United Parade in Manchester

I was pleased to be able to get a press pass for the parade today… although it rained heavily all the time and we all got thoroughly soaked, it was worth it.  The atmosphere was brilliant, and even though I’m no football fan, I got caught up in the spirit of the day….. images are now online, and can be found HERE The Barclays Premier League trophy was on display for all to see, after the mass of red and white tape was showered down on the bus and players at the start of the parade.