It’s Tuesday, and it’s raining

It’s Tuesday, and it’s morning, and it’s dark, dismal and wet.  I have to go out, and I don’t want to, and I’m not inspired, and I think of things I don’t like.

Irresponsible people, flat batteries, being rained on, burnt toast, the stringy bits on bananas, flat grey relentless skies, and being uninspired.

I know I’ll move on through this, and things will get back to whatever the ‘new normal’ really is.  I’ll get my camera out later and make some pictures to go into my new project, which at times seems really exciting, and at others tedious…… and I’ve only just begun…..

The thing about trying too hard… it’s true.  You try and try, and the ideas don’t come.  You try harder still, and it just gets worse.  I need to step back a bit, and not worry so much – I realise there are things I have no control over, and never will.  I must not let things get on top of me…… repeat ad infinitum.

The good news is that there are some wonderful people about who are amazingly supportive, and I’m sure the ideas will come, together with ways to tackle the problems.  It’s not insurmountable.

I remember to stop worrying about what other people think of my photography, and wonder if Leonardo Da Vinci worried about what smile he would put on the Mona Lisa – Did he ask his painter friends?, and if he did, what did they say to him?  Did he think it might be better in black and white?  (Dark humour!)

I know it’s scary to do ‘your own thing’, but I also remember that I mustn’t let rules get in the way of my vision – it’s my story, and my photography.

I feel better now…. And think of things that I love…. 

People that help without being asked to, charged batteries, windy but sunny days, bananas without the stringy bits, and finally being inspired.

Turnstone on the beach