Odd Things Part Deux

My talk ‘Odd Things’ has been in circulation for over a year now, and I’ve presented it to a LOT of clubs throughout the UK and Ireland. It’s a general talk about creativity, thinking outside the box, shooting for yourself first, and hopefully getting your images noticed.

Part 2 devolves into the history of photography.

From the 1800’s onwards photographers have created, changed and developed images – they have spent time fooling the viewer.  

This talk covers imagery made from earliest times, through to modern day photographers who are making an effort to fool, or confuse the viewer.  

We will talk about photographers you have heard of, and hopefully some you won’t, but I hope it will help develop knowledge of what has gone before, and help you relate to what is going on now.  

Photography is your theatre, and the viewers and judges your audience – how well you fool them is up to you…….

This composite was created in 1850, but by whom? Check it out…..