Twelve Months of Covid- April

April dawned bright and clear, with no end to lockdown in sight. Still, the weather was good, but the virus was rampaging round the country.

Still off my feet with the ankle injury – my other half doing all the shopping – excited when he came home from the butchers or the bakers, with actual food… we carried on.

The next thing to start to rear its head at this time was something called Zoom… what on earth was it? Some way we could talk to one another without the use of phones – never heard of it we said – won’t catch on we said….

Then suddenly an explosion of Zoom.

One of our camera club members signed up for an account – and we were off – just 4 of us initially – meeting weekly to keep up with the gossip, and share some photographs – almost like being there…

Then the great idea of using it for ‘actual’ camera club meetings….. novel……..

In between times, I broke out the moth trap – sat in the garage for a couple of years I think, without being used much – but a dust down, and left outside, I was surprised with what I caught over the weeks…..

This one below is called an ‘Early Thorn’, really tiny, about the size of a little finger nail, and one of the few that sit with their wings in this position.

Taken in the greenhouse so there was no breeze, it became a ritual to see what was in the trap each day….. There was more to come…..

On the first month of covid – we went to Woodhall Spa
On the second month of covid – we went to Humber Bridge
On the Third month of covid – we went as far as the garden pond
On the fourth month of covid – we were still in the garden

Twelve Months of Covid – March

March saw the camera club close – quietly and without any fuss – as did every other. We sat and wondered what we were going to do. Judging and talks I’d been booked to do suddenly dried up, and were rebooked for later in the year – “it’ll be OK by the summer” we said….. how little did we know………

Suddenly we were in a complete lockdown – and unable to see friends or go anywhere – exercise was restricted to once a day, and trips to the shops became an epic journey.

Toilet roll all but vanished from the shelves, along with pasta, flour, yeast and in some cases bread.

We hunkered down for the long haul… no supermarket deliveries… make do and mend….

Nature thrived whilst people stopped travelling – it became quiet – no traffic.

There’s always an upside to things if only you look – the frogs spawned in the pond, the fish started to come out of hibernation, whilst we hibernated in our own homes.

It was at the end of March, I fell off my bike and, scared I had actually broken my ankle, refused to go to hospital. Turns out of course it was ripped ligaments, but the next few weeks (of glorious weather) I was on crutches.

Hence the image of the frog – leaning over into our pond, I damn near fell in…. also realised that if you get low enough to the water, it pours down the lens hood which can make for a bit of disorientation…..

On the first month of covid – we went to Woodhall Spa
On the second month of covid – we went to Humber Bridge
On the Third month of covid – we went as far as the garden pond

Twelve Months of Covid – February

February dawned bright and clear – the weather was good – and we were just starting to see that the virus was going to be far worse than we thought – we saw countries starting to ‘lock down’, and I think we little dreamed at this time that it would affect us how it has done.

We were still getting out, and the image I’ve chosen for today reminds me of a lovely day spent with my wonderfully patient other half up at the Humber Bridge – it was bitter cold, and we retreated in the end to a cafe to warm up….

Once again out with my still new wide angle lens… it’s a Fuji 8-16 2.8 beast, really quite heavy but I’m loving using it….

On the first month of Covid we went to Woodhall Spa
On the Second month of Covid, we went to Humber Bridge

Twelve Months of Covid – January 2020

It sounds like the start of a Christmas song …. instead of 12 days of Christmas, we seem to have had best part of 12 months of Covid…. So what I did this week, was go through every image I’ve taken in the last year, and separated them out into months….

I’m going to publish one or two images from each month that (for me) stand out, for one reason or another… and whilst I doubt I can make a song, at least I can review the year…

I’ll start this December 1st and publish one post every day for 12 days … and hopefully I’ll have taken a few shots in that month for day 12…..

So here we go….

January – this wasn’t such a bad month, there was talk of a virus but it seemed distant, and not causing us too much trouble.. we went about our lives in much the normal way, and I was getting out as usual with friends to have a walk, take some photographs, have some lunch… This day in January, we pottered over to Woodhall Spa to have a walk down the old rail line, now a nature walking trail… it was a good day – cold, bright and sunny…. I had a newish wide angle lens to play with.

This is the January view, down the once rail track towards Woodhall Spa – down here are a number of sculptures – set well apart, that you ‘discover’ as you walk… a great, unworried day – with us not knowing what was yet to come…..

On the first month of Covid we went to Woodhall Spa………