Twelve Months of Covid – September

Summer is starting to fade, the weather is cooler. Birds that have been with us over the summer, are starting to leave.

Butterflies are going into hibernation now, and so are we, as Covid starts to pick up again. The kids are back at school, and universities are open.

I try to get out with the drone a bit more – feeling that I might know a bit about how it all works. Try not to worry about what’s going on in the world. Start to enjoy the view from the air, and carry on from there.

Dawn is getting a bit more manageable as we move through the month – we are allowed out more, so we take the opportunity of getting to the beach early.

More people about than we thought, exercising, and walking – not many photographers about though…. so we can relax a bit……

On the first month of covid – we went to Woodhall Spa
On the second month of covid – we went to Humber Bridge
On the Third month of covid – we went as far as the garden pond
On the fourth month of covid – we were still in the garden
On the fifth month of covid – we went on bike rides, but mostly stayed at home
On the sixth month of covid – we went to the local woods
On the seventh month of covid – we headed to the beach
On the eighth month of covid – we stayed in again
On the ninth month of covid – we flew……