Twelve months of Covid – August

It’s August before the sunflowers bloom in my garden – I’d had a go at planting them in 2019, but the wind destroyed them. This year, the weather is better, and they stand 8 feet high. I need a stool to get up high enough to take this picture.

It should be school holidays, but the kids have not been in school for a long time – home schooling is ‘the’ thing, but not everyone can. Lives are on hold for everyone, but talk of ‘getting back to normal’ is on everyone’s lips. Even though we have no idea of what ‘normal’ is any more.

Still, there’s stuff in the shops – loo roll is plentiful, and I can get hold of flour, yeast and other things more easily – better yet, the supermarket made the first delivery to me since March.

We both went to the dentist – another thing we hadn’t done for a long time….. still, the weather is good but there are rumblings of Autumn, and warnings that the virus is picking up again……

On the first month of covid – we went to Woodhall Spa
On the second month of covid – we went to Humber Bridge
On the Third month of covid – we went as far as the garden pond
On the fourth month of covid – we were still in the garden
On the fifth month of covid – we went on bike rides, but mostly stayed at home
On the sixth month of covid – we went to the local woods
On the seventh month of covid – we headed to the beach
On the eighth month of covid – we stayed in again