Make a Picture, Take a Picture

It’s been chucking it down with rain today – so what better to do than work through a few images taken over the last week.

I’ve been away visiting a friend just outside Liverpool.  I’ve not been there for ages, and my friend is not a photographer.  She came out with me for a couple of walks, but was obviously not interested in what I was doing.  “Let’s go for a coffee…” she said.

Now, I did go to visit her, so the invitation to coffee, was not really that; it was translated loosely as “stop ignoring me, and lets go sit down and talk”…  we sat down and talked.

The next day, we travelled into Liverpool centre to visit the Walker Art Gallery, where there was a Charles Rennie Mackintosh exibition.  He’s a Scottish artist I’d not heard of, but I was assured it was worth the visit, and it was.  It was very much reminicent of the Art Nouveau / deco style.  I loved it.

What interested me too,  was the fact that the gallery welcomed, and in fact encouraged, photography.  Even in the paid exhibit section.  They were asking photographers to share their images on social media, though having looked at their Facebook Page, there doesn’t seem to be any way to do so.


It was an experience to be able to sit still and gather images together – I’d had a shot like this in mind for some time, but needed the space to do it.


People watching is one of my favourite pastimes too.  I think the bloke at the back might have spotted what I was up to though.

Lost in their own worlds.  Totally absorbed in the drawings in the Leonardo Da Vinci section of the gallery.

In the few days of my visit, I was able to take quite a few pictures, and on my return home, make a few as well.

Here’s a final one of a windsurfer on the lake at West Kirby.

Normal service will be resumed ASAP…..  Enjoy your week…

Author: Diane Seddon ARPS AFIAP CPAGB BPE3* - D Seddon Photography

I am a retired freelance photographer, based in Louth, Lincolnshire.

6 thoughts on “Make a Picture, Take a Picture”

    1. LOL….. I don’t have eye teeth either…. I don’t think… but thank you very much….. 🙂


  1. Interesting as ever, unusually for me, I found the B&W images the most interesting. My early days in photography was all B&W prints, produced in my darkroom, but since digital came along I’ve been converted to COLOUR…. and lots of it. Some B&W occasionally reminds me of what initially drew me to photography, as is the case here with your images.
    Must remove my rose tinted glasses and get back to basics sometime.


    1. Oddly for me too – I’m getting more interested in mono as well….. Thanks for the comment David.


  2. Like the blog, and the images, The bloke on his own looks a very Martin Parr sort of shot, but looks very good, the surfer I like too. Liked the one in the Gallery with less images than this one in the blog, both very interesting but like the other one best. You’v made the best of an very wet afternoon.


    1. It’s raining even more heavily now….. thanks for the Martin Parr comment – I’m very flattered….. LOL


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