Getting rid of the ‘block’

So, another week has passed, and this time I made every effort to get out and see things – so with another able photographer, we set off for Brimham Rocks in Yorkshire.

It’s a place I’ve been meaning to go for over a year, with the leaflet stuck on the notice board in the kitchen to remind me – so yesterday, with no planning, and not much of a weather check, we struck out for Yorkshire.

Turns out, the place is spectacular.  On the way over, we discussed calling at Widow Cullens Well, and maybe also Fountains Abbey – in the end we did neither of those things, but spent a very pleasant, albeit overcast day at Brimham.

Brimham Rocks-1

The rock formations are like nothing I’ve seen before – the only things that come close – were the formations on the top of Kinder Scout in the Peak District, and although they are similar in structure, there are nowhere near as many.

Brimham Rocks are formed of Millstone Grit, which is made from sand, grit and rounded pebbles of quartz and some feldspar. It is known as ‘Millstone’ Grit because it was used to make millstones for watermills,

Brimham Rocks-1-4

I can see that a return visit, when the light is better is most definitely on the cards.

Brimham Rocks-1-5

Brimham Rocks-1-3

Back to the day job now – and judging tonight in the North of the County.

Keep smiling, and keep snapping.