Beverley Minster and Wildlife Photographer of the Year….

As part of the Year of Culture 2017, in Kingston upon Hull – the town of Beverley hosted the Wildlife Photographer of the Year exhibition.  So a group of us decided that not only could be see this exhibition, but we could take our cameras, and have a photo trip out at the same time.

The exhibition was tremendous – the images were superb, and I was blown away by some of the shots there, that were by children under the age of 10!

I suppose the only image that I took issue  with (and it wasn’t that it was a bad photo – far from it) was one that had been taken using a wildlife camera.  The artist said that he had set it up in a place where he knew that bait was regularly put out by rangers; and by bait, I’m talking dead animals – large, dead animals.  He went on to say that the camera was there for 6 months, and in that time it took 200,000 images !!

The shot that was selected was brilliant, with birds swooping, and a bear tucking into the carcass.  You can see the image by following this link

The issue I suppose I have, is that there was no input from the photographer – the camera was there – taking pictures on its own for 6 months – though I assume in that time, the photographer returned to replenish batteries, and to change memory cards.  There was knowledge needed too, about where to place the camera for best effect.

However, given that there was regular baiting, I suppose that over time, it became inevitable that ‘something’ good would happen, and that the camera would record it.

I have a small wildlife camera here at home – borrowed from a friend, so I know that they are fairly easy to set up – and the instructions tell me that left unattended, the batteries will last for up to 6  months…….

So compared with some of the other shots, where the photographer was present at the time of shooting maybe it wasn’t so much talent, as luck……..

It has to be said though that the final shot was excellent, and a worthy one to be exhibited.

After we had seen all there was to see there – we headed off for Beverley Minster – I’d never been into Beverley before, and so I enjoyed the opportunity to look around the town before we headed into the Minster.  It’s £3 to take photographs, but entry is free – and the building is wonderful.  We had a warm greeting from the verger, who took time to show us round, and because he was a bit of a photographer himself, he showed us the good places to stand.  I had my fisheye lens with me, and, I think, used it to advantage to shoot the ceilings and organ.

So, here’s my shot of the day showing both windows, the organ, the choir and if you look closely, one of my colleagues actually taking some photographs – right at the bottom of the shot.

Beverley Minster (1 of 1)

Below, is a short slideshow of some of the other images I took on that trip, including other photographs taken with a fisheye, and the Canon Camera, and others with my new Fuji, more on that later……..

In the meantime – Spring is here – I heard my first Cuckoo this morning.

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