Backup, backup, backup

It’s a new year, and for most of us, that means making new year resolutions.

I don’t advocate resolutions for new year only, I think we should make them on a regular basis – and make them ones that are achievable, and easy to stick to.

Make your resolution too hard, and it’s unlikely that your resolve will go much beyond the end of January.

However, as photographers, one resolution we should all make, is to backup our work more frequently.

This was brought home to me quite recently, when I inadvertently deleted my main lightroom catalogue….  don’t even ask me how I came to do that.. I’d been busy deleting some very old backup ones from an external drive – and in a moment of complete stupidity, I decided to delete the one on the main drive too…..  I have no idea why, or what possessed me to do it….. but I did…..

Fortunately I had a backup on the external drive that had completed only a few hours before, so I didn’t lose any work – but it could so easily have been a major disaster for me.  There was, as it happens, no panic in the end……

What it did make me think about was the potential failure of drives – hard drives, backup drives – and general data loss – calendars, documents as well as images.  Whilst I think I’m pretty well covered if the main computer fails (it backs up to a separate drive each day), and Lightroom backs up daily too, to a different drive – I sometimes think I’m still vulnerable if those drives fail too.

Maybe I’m a worry monger, because I do think that it’s very unlikely that all four drives will fail at the same time.  However, you really do need to think is that it’s not a case of IF a drive fails, it’s more a case of WHEN it’s going to fail.

Something as simple as a cup of coffee being spilt, or a thunderstorm frying your power supply.  I do have a surge protector fitted, but there’s no absolute guarantee that it will save me.

So, as 2017 gets underway – take a minute to think about your back up strategy – if the unthinkable does happen, can you restore your system from elsewhere, and will your unreplaceable images be safe and sound.

Take care in the New Year…… and keep your art coming……



Author: Diane Seddon ARPS AFIAP CPAGB BPE3* - D Seddon Photography

I am a retired freelance photographer, based in Louth, Lincolnshire.

2 thoughts on “Backup, backup, backup”

  1. Well, I’m of the opinion that where looking after your work is concerned, you can’t be too cautious.


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