We’ve All Done It……

You’re out with your camera – you see another photographer shooting something, anything – and you just have to pause, to look, to see what they see that you might have missed.

We don’t trust our own judgement – we have to have a ‘quick look’, just in case.

There are some shots that I return to again and again – always in the hope that the ‘thing’ will change – different sky, different weather, different times of year.

Then, when you’re stood there, surrounded by your gear, along comes the iphoneographer.  You look at each other, you say nothing, he obviously thinks there must be something there worth taking (well you’re there with your stuff aren’t you?) – he whips out his phone – points it, takes one shot and leaves.

You stand, and watch him leave – slowly, or quickly, vanishing into the distance.  You’ve  shot this thing for many weeks, in all weathers, and he comes along and just ‘takes’ it.

You are left wondering if what he took was better than what you were doing.

Is he happier with that one shot than you with your 50 odd?

What do you think?