It’s a new dawn, it’s a new day.

Guess what ?  I retired.

That’s why there have been no posts – I got carried away with a new home, a new profile, and a new camera.  The great thing is that I’ve done very little work for anyone else, and so I’ve had time, for the first time in  years, to shoot for myself.

I’ve got more involved in my local camera club, achieved my CPAGB with the Photographic Alliance of Great Britain, and I’m now working towards my ‘D’, and my first crown with the British Photographic Exhibitions.

Lots of exciting shoots lined up, and I hope to blog now on a more regular basis….. fingers crossed there’s still someone out there who might be reading this, after such a long, and prolonged absence.

Author: Diane Seddon ARPS AFIAP CPAGB BPE3* - D Seddon Photography

I am a retired freelance photographer, based in Louth, Lincolnshire.

What do you think? Your comments are always welcome....

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