It’s riot free here…….

It’s been a long night in Manchester – and it’s been a tragedy that after all the work done post IRA bomb, there are idiots that will just wreck it all again….. I’m too old to understand.  Hey ho !  onwards and upwards…

I’ve just been on an evening course all about time-lapse photography.  It of course ended up with me spending money, this time on an intervalometer.  I’ve uploaded my first attempt onto Flickr… which was of course my better half mowing the lawn.  It’s been suggested that I should add the ‘Benny Hill’ music.

I’ve also been working on images with ‘white’ backgrounds, with the use of a light-tent whilst the weather has been not so brilliant.

These images almost look like sketches when they are printed large.  This is Lavender taken out of the back garden and arranged in sand in a small glass vase.  The vase has been faded out into the background, and the latin text added – after looking it up on the web that is.

Add one flash either side of the tent, at low power, and over expose by at least one stop to make sure the background is fully white.

These could be great greetings cards, and so easy to do.


Author: Diane Seddon ARPS AFIAP CPAGB BPE3* - D Seddon Photography

I am a retired freelance photographer, based in Louth, Lincolnshire.

5 thoughts on “It’s riot free here…….”

  1. I just checked out the time lapse, excellent, especially if that was the first attempt. I can see why one of your commenters suggested the Benny Hill Music. Tehe!
    On another subject, I am currently putting my panel together for my LRPS, any suggestions will be welcomed.



  2. Hi Mark – I’ve got to have another go at time lapse. I do a lot of event photography, and I did wonder about trying to shoot an entire dinner complete with speeches, and hand it to the organisers as part of the deal. Got a couple of events coming up next month, so I might just have a quiet word. I’ll have to get to grips with the technology first though.

    I’ve seen some great work on white backgrounds done with insects, and smaller animals, and I’m keen to know how all that was achieved, that combined with some focus stacking would be amazing.

    Thanks for your comments Mark, much appreciated.



  3. Excellent Lavender shot Di.
    I am also a keen fan of high key white background stuff etc. I had a job to do on some vintage wristwatches a while ago and used this method. I next had a job to shoot 150 products for a Hairdressers website! So, in this case I made a desk top frame out of plastic pipe and a sheet of plexiglass. You can buy these units commercially but they are a few hundred pounds, but a friend of mine showed me a tent frame he had made out of the pipe and he used a white bed sheet over the top. This I copied and eventually from this I build the solid version. If you would like details let me know and I will try and find the original plans.
    Sorry to hear about Manchester and the troubles. My son just told me that three Asians lads that were killed last night in Birmingham when they went outside to try and protect their fathers’ shop.
    Mindless people!
    Cant wait to check out your time lapse stuff on Flickr.


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