Mid Wales Falconry

It was truly wonderful this week to make a visit to Mid-Wales Falconry – and experience the birds that live there. They were handled wonderfully, and the photography was brilliant. Mid Wales was started in 2000 as a part time venture, and has since expanded into the great place that they have today. They are based on a 500 acre farm, which is only open by appointment, and have assisted BBC Springwatch in their feature on Goshawks.

More images can be found on the main Oaktree site under “Personal Work, and Birds”


Author: Diane Seddon ARPS AFIAP CPAGB BPE3* - D Seddon Photography

I am a retired freelance photographer, based in Louth, Lincolnshire.

2 thoughts on “Mid Wales Falconry”

  1. Thanks Mark, I’ve sent you an email this morning detailing some bits. I’ll have a look at Gigrin – one of those places I keep hearing about but have never been to. Maybe a trip there in the not too distant future then. Thank you for your comment.



  2. Some excellent pics Diane. Is the Mid Wales Falconry centre, you are referring to between Brecon and Abergavenny?
    My wife and I are off to Gigrin Farm in Rhyada in Powys, mid Wales at the end of the month. We’ll take the caravan and stay for at least a week. The last time we were there was in 2005. It is a wonderful place if you haven’t been. Great for bird photography, at feeding time you can see between 300 and 400 red kites not to mention buzzards and a whole host of other wildlife. Thanks for sharing your pics. Gigrin Farm Feeding Station is here: http://www.gigrin.co.uk/



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